The Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory induces the officials of the Quality Control Office to enhance their responsibility and role to improve the quality of goods.

They took it important to do proper process check before the inspection of the products. Good process check was very important to prevent the production of rejects in advance. The quality controllers worked hard, thinking that they should be responsible for the quality of goods.

Together with technicians, they set up a slide at the last process of the peanut candy packing so that the packed candies could be carried without any shock, thus overcoming the defect leading to occasional disqualified goods because of their easy crumble. The new device was neither a great scientific invention nor technical innovation. But it played a big role in guaranteeing the quality of goods.

On the occasion, the quality controllers hardened their consciousness that they should not have any small allowances, enabling them to bear responsibility for the quality of goods.

They streamlined the bottle-disinfecting process and set up the ultraviolet lamp in the packing process. In this way, they found out points which may affect the quality of goods one by one before taking measures.

They are also paying deep attention to further improving the process-checking method now that the new goods continue to be developed and the period of their technical upgrading is steadily shortened.

For the purpose, they do the technical study more than once a week to increase their practical ability. This proves effective in practice.

The confectionery production processes of the factory could get the ISO authentication, thanks to the devotion of the quality controllers as well as the efforts of the officials, workers and technicians of the factory.

Proper process check before product inspection enables us to provide a scientific guarantee to the quality of goods and to discharge our responsibility for the state and the people.- The quality of goods are guaranteed with success thanks to the quality controllers of the Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory with such mission.