In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea medical workers take charge of the health of inhabitants under the section-doctor system.

Doctors in charge of households have the state of health of their inhabitants at their fingertips through thorough medical examination and checkup and regularly conduct mobile checkup and treatment for chronic cases.

Ri Hye Gyong at the Songyo Polyclinic in Songyo District of the capital city Pyongyang is kindly called “our doctor” by inhabitants in her charge. Kim Chol Yong in Songyo-dong 1, Songyo District, says:

“I received medical treatment from doctor Ri Hye Gyong. Her sincerity convinces me of the true features of the large harmonious socialist family. Thanks to her devoted efforts, I could walk again. I am very proud of her.”

Ri Hye Gyong took charge of the honoured disabled soldier Kim Yong Chol 10 years ago.

His parents gave up their son as hopeless. However, Ri Hye Gyong got to treatment for reviving his paralysed nerves, inspiring him with confidence.

In the evening she called at his house and in the daytime she called on doctors with rich clinical experiences to discuss measures for his treatment. Sometimes, she was a doctor of Koryo therapy applying acupuncture and moxibustion, and sometimes, mothering nurse.

When the patient got weak because of continuous treatment and medication, she did her best for improvement of his nutritive conditions.

Holidays and Sundays were not exceptions during the treatment. Thanks to her painstaking efforts and sincerity, the patient recovered his health and came to walk at last. Ri Hye Gyong has been looking after the health of Kim Chol Yong and other inhabitants in her charge for nearly 30 years. She is devoting all her sincerity to the treatment of patients with warm humanity.

Ri Hye Gyong says:

“I tried to do my duty as a doctor in charge of households. I hope that the inhabitants in my charge would do lots of work in good health and all families enjoy pleasure and happiness.”