• Jotae, National Musical Instrument

    Jotae, which is believed to be made in the period of the Three Kingdoms (early 3rd century B.C.-middle 7th century A.D.), is a national wind instrument of Korea. Jotae is…

  • Pine, National Tree of Korea

    Pine is the national tree of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is an evergreen needle-leaf tall tree belonging to Pinaceae.

  • Calori-puncture, Cultural Heritage of Korean Nation

    Calori-puncture is a precious heritage that the Korean nation created and has developed through medical treatment from long ago. Recorded in three old books on Koryo medicine “Hyangyakjipsongbang”, “Uibangryuchwi” and…

  • Murals of Three Tombs in Kangso

    Tomb murals of Koguryo (B.C. 277-A.D. 668), listed as world cultural heritages by the UNESCO, are the longest pictorial heritage of Korea and have been recognized as the glory of…

  • Kuju Wall

    The Kuju Wall was built in 994. It is in present Kusong City of North Phyongan Province. Kusong was called Kuju at that time. The Koryo Feudal Dynasty that existed…

  • Namgyong Archaeological Remains

    Korea has many valuable historic remains showing the long history of the nation, of which the Namgyong Archaeological Remains are sites of houses. The Namgyong Remains were uncovered in Samsok…

  • Unearthed Remains and Relics of the Koryo Dynasty

    The site of the ancient Kwangbok Temple has been recently unearthed in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Researchers of the Archaeological Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences found…

  • Udometer

    Udometer is a rainfall measuring instrument invented and used during the Joson Feudal Dynasty. In Korea the rainfall was measured also during the Koryo Dynasty, a feudal state which existed…

  • Koryo, First Unified State of Korean Nation

    Koryo (June 918-1392) founded by Wang Kon was the first unified state of the Korean nation.

  • Kim Si Sup and His Collection of Short Stories “Kumo Myths”

    Kim Si Sup is a writer and philosopher who was active in the 15th century. From his childhood he wrote good poems and so he was called a “wonder boy”….

  • World’s First Metal Type

    The first metal type of the world belongs to the creation of the Korean nation. It is associated with the history and culture of Koryo, the first unified state of Korea. Article by Ri Yong Sik, PhD in History.

  • Metal Workmanship of Koguryo

    Metal workmanship was highly developed in Koguryo which was the first feudal state that existed in the Korean history between 277 BC and AD 668. The “Transfixed Gilt-Bronze Decoration of…

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