National Symbols of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK):

National Flag of the DPRK


The Flag of the DPRK contains a large red rectangle with a red five-pointed star in a white circle, and the blue and white stripes at the top and the bottom. The red star symbolizes the great revolutionary traditions of the Korean people. The red rectangle is a symbol of the fighting spirit of the Korean nation, while the white stripes represent the history and splendid culture of the Korean nation. The blue stripes symbolize the desire of the Koreans to fight for the victory of the independence, peace and friendship together with the progressive people from around the world.

National Emblem of the DPRK 


The National Emblem of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea contains a hydroelectric power plant at the foot of Mount Paektu, beaming five-pointed red star and rice ears pointing to it.

The hydroelectic power plant is a symbol of modern industry and the working class.  The red star shining brightly at the top of the emblem symbolizes the greatest revolutionary traditions of the Korean nation and the bright future along with the victory of the Juche Idea.

The rice symbolizes socialist system and self-reliance.

Under the hydroelectric power station on the emblem there is an inscription which means in Korean “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”.

National Anthem of the DPRK

Let the morning shine on the rivers and mountains of this land,

Three Thousand ri abundant with natural wealth…

This is my beautiful fatherland

With a history of five millennia

The glory of a wise people

Brought up in a brilliant culture…

Listen the Patriotic Song performed by Moranbong Band:

The national anthem of the DPRK is “Aegukka”, which means “Patriotic Song”. Lyrics of the Aegukka was written by Pak Se Yong, music was composed by Kim Won-Gyun.


National Flower of the DPRK

Magnolia - National Flower of the DPRK (North Korea)

The national flower of the DPRK is the Magnolia. (Mokrankkoch, 목란꽃)

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National Tree of the DPRK

National North Korean Tree - Pine Tree

The national tree of the DPRK is the Pine Tree (Sonamu, 소나무)

National Bird of the DPRK

The national bird of the DPRK is the goshawk.

National Dog of the DPRK

National North Korean Dog - Pungsan Dog

National North Korean Dog – Pungsan Dog

The national dog is the Pungsan dog.