Democratic People’s Republic of Korea guarantees to all its citizens complete freedom and political rights in accordance with the principles of the Juche Idea which promotes the development of self-reliance and creativity of every citizen.

Socialist Constitution of the DPRK clearly specifies that the state is a guarantor of all democratic rights and freedoms of the citizens. Furthermore, it is a duty of the state to ensure the material and cultural well-being of all citizens of the DPRK.

Every DPRK citizen has right to freedom of speech, press, assembly, demonstration and association. Freedom of religious belief and the complaints and petitions are also guaranteed.

Workers, farmers and other people from all walks of life, as the guiding force in the country can participate in the state administration and freely engage in socio-political activites.

Working people are guaranteed the right to work and rest, right to free education and healthcare, scientific research and literary and artistic activities.

Women and men are provided with the equal rights and social status. Government provides special privileges for mothers and children, marriage and the family are protected by the state.

Working people from the DPRK are guaranteed the right to physical integrity and privacy of correspondence. Rights and freedoms of citizens steadily increase with the consolidation and development of the socialist system.