Workers’ Party of Korea


The Workers’ Party of Korea is a revolutionary party  based on the principles of the Juche Idea. It was founded on 10th October 1945 by President Kim Il Sung.

The Workers’ Party of Korea is the successor of the revolutionary traditions developed during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle. Activities of the WPK are guided by Juche Idea.  Immediate goal of the WPK is the victory of socialism in the DPRK and reunification.

The WPK is the leading party, coordinating, organizing and leading the revolutionary struggle in Korea. The Workers’ Party of Korea bears full responsibility for the fate of the whole Korean nation.

Korean Social Democratic Party

Korean Social Democratic Party (North Korea) logo

It was founded on 3rd November 1945 by the small and medium entrepreneurs, merchants, artisans, petty bourgeoisie, some peasants, and Christians with anti-feudal aspirations seeking to eliminate the effects of Japanese colonialism and build a new, democratic society. Guiding  ideology of the Social Democratic Party of Korea is social democracy. Its main slogans are: independence, sovereignty, democracy, peace and human rights defense.

Chondoist Chongu Party

Korean name: 천도교청우당

The Chondoist Chongu Party is a democratic party which was founded on 8th February 1946. It consists mainly of Chondoist peasants. The party was formed to fight against imperialist aggression. Today, the party has goals such as the establishment of harmony in the society, strengthening ties and solidarity between the people and building a welfare state with highly developed and independent economy based on the principals of the Juche Idea and national culture and history.

Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland

Korean name: 조국통일민주주의전선

The Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland was formed on 22 July 1946. It regards it as its main duty to rally, on the basis of worker-peasant alliance, all the patriotic, democratic forces desirous of freedom and independence of the country around supreme leader Kim Jong Un, irrespective of occupation, sex, religion and party affiliation, actively support and give wide publicity to his line and policy for the independent and peaceful reunification of the country, and organize and mobilize broad sections of the masses for the nationwide struggle to carry them out.

General Federation of Trade Unions of  Korea

Korean name: 조선직업총동맹

It is a revolutionary political organization of the working masses founded on 30 November 1945. It conducts ideological education of its members for fully understanding the Juche Idea and participates in the construction of socialism and the management of the national economy. General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea has its organizations in various parts of the Korean industry.

The Union of Agricultural Workers Of Korea

It is a mass political organization of agricultural workers. It was founded on 31 January 1946. Organization conducts ideological education of the workers and succesfully supports them in the ideological, technological and cultural revolution in the Korean countryside.

The Korean Democratic Women’s Union

Korean name: 조선녀맹원들 The Korean Democratic Women’s Union is a mass political organization of working women established on 18 November 1945. It conducts ideological education with the spirit of the Juche Idea.


In addition there are such public organizations as the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, the Korean Journalists Union, the General Federation of the Unions of Literature and Art of Korea, the Korean National Peace Committee, the Korean Democratic Lawyers Association, the Korean Students Committee, the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World’s People, the Korean Committee for Afro-Asian Solidarity, the Korean Buddhists Federation, the Korean Christians Federation, the Korean Chondoist Church Central Guidance Committee and the Korean Catholics Association.