“Let’s study, Let’s study for our country, Let’s study, Let’s study for our future!”

Children in North Korea Education in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is universal and state-funded. Education in the DPRK is divided into several stages:

  • Nursery (2 years)
  • Kindergarten (3 years)
  • Primary School (6 years)
  • First-Degree Secondary School (3 years)
  • Second-Degree Secondary School (3 years)

Compulsory education includes 12 years and is free of charge. After graduationg from secondary school, a person can go to college, which decides personally, depending on the results achieved in learning. In the DPRK, school year starts on 1st April every year. In summer, students have holidays in August and then start the next semester in September. After school, students can use the extra classes in different places such as Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace where they can take lessons and tutoring free of charge.