The Pyongyang Building Materials Factory produces various kinds of building parts, enriching the life of the capital citizens. In recent years, the factory has regarded it as an important strategy for development of the enterprise to implement the Party policy on making the building materials diverse and multifarious and registered remarkable successes in the development of new products.

All the officials, technicians and employees of the factory pooled their efforts to produce various building parts of good quality with their own strength, technology and resources.

Displaying the spirit of self-reliance, they remodelled the flatcar which was said to be impossible by the factory itself and improved the performance of the printer to produce tiles of different patterns as they please.

They made efforts to greatly lower the production cost of their products as compared with the imports. As a result, they could develop a practical sanitary ware model and introduced it into production.

They also manufacture products in different types for convenience of users and make the overflow furrow of the swimming pool as well as various washbowls, water tanks and flowerpots. Section Chief So Un Sok says:

“There are a lot of wastes because we use a large amount of raw and other materials. So we are recycling the wastes as much as possible.”

The plastic-framed window workshop has made coffered ceiling materials in wide use for the final works of buildings with the by-products from production. It is producing different sizes of plastic-framed windows.

The factory is producing different kinds of tiles, sanitary ware, plastic-framed windows and coating materials. Their samples show well how diverse their kinds and types are.

The officials and employees of the Pyongyang Building Materials Factory have the firm belief that when they exert themselves depending on their strength, they can create anything they want.