The educational work is a long-term patriotic undertaking for the prosperity of the country and nation.

Today in Korea, educational work is regarded as the most important work determining the ups and downs of the country and the future of the nation and efforts are directed to it under the wise leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea. The Pyongyang Teachers Training College of Korea was established in September Juche 57(1968). Over the past decades the college has made many successes in teaching, well aware that teachers’ qualifications mean the ability of the students.

Recently all the lecture rooms including the primary school teaching practice room, the natural experimental teaching room and the children’s intellectual developing technology dissemination room have been built into multi-functional rooms for giving practical training, thus renovating the teaching methods. And the hall of the gymnasium has been turned into a multi-purpose hall where basketball, volleyball, table tennis and different other sports games can be played.

In January Juche 107(2018), the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Teachers Training College.

That day he expressed satisfaction, saying he is very pleased to look round the college and the rosy future of the country is vivid in his eyes. He called on the teachers to improve their qualifications constantly with a resolve to become roots and manure for shaping the future of the country. Adding that the ability of the students can be raised when the qualifications of the teachers are high as a tree with firm roots bears big fruits, he said it is important to build teachers’ ranks well.

He earnestly called on all the teaching staff of the country as well as those of the Pyongyang Teachers Training College to devote their pure conscience to the educational work with a high consciousness that they are the masters of the educational work, the masters of the educational revolution in the new century.  It is a noble intention of Kim Jong Un to establish the ethos of giving top priority to the educational sector across the country so that the rising generations can grow to be wonderful pillars while receiving good education under the good educational system and under the good educational conditions.

Today the teachers of the Pyongyang Teachers Training College are devoting all their wisdom and zeal to realizing the lofty intention of Kim Jong Un to turn the country into a country of education, a talent power.