The Phurunhanul Corporation, located in Rangnang District, Pyongyang, went online not long ago, but its Phurunhanul-brand products have already become very popular with the public. In particular, the plasma display panel from the company is a typical favourite of the Korean people for its soft and fine colour and bright quality of the display suited to the national taste.

Photo: At the Phurunhaneul Corporation - With pride in producing high-quality goods.

Photo: At the Phurunhaneul Corporation – With pride in producing high-quality goods.

The company conducts all business activities relying on science and technology. The research team staffed with young people in their 20s and 30s developed a product examination program suitable for domestic circumstances, and established a practical integrated production system in accord with the characteristics of the electronic manufacturer.

They also developed various application programs for making products more intelligent and effective, thus launching into both domestic and international markets boldly. Furnished with CNC facilities and a streamlined production system, the company produces new models of highperformance computers by steadily cutting the period of technical updating of products.

As they are fitted with G-4 or G-5 CPUs, all the computers can carry out dynamic image processing and other heavy tasks swiftly at a very rapid computing and graphics processing speed. All the processes from designing of printed circuit to the manufacture of board and assembly are controlled by the company’s own technicians. Furnished with full sets of electronic products assembly line and surface mount technical line, the shop manufactures well over a thousand and hundreds of boards every day on average.

Purunhanul All In One PC

Purunhanul All In One PC

The company produces various kinds of Phurunhanul-brand electronic products—desktops, all-inone computers, laptops, two-inone computers, plasma display panels, setup boxes, mobile multimedia projectors and various game facilities. An integrated system of manufacture, research and sale of electronic goods is in operation at a high level.

Especially, the two-in-one computer is the first energysaving computer developed in the country, thus it is very popular with the public. The quality of all the products is fully warranted.

After finishing the project for domestic production of setup box the company is developing with its efforts various electric products that suit local conditions. The products are available at Phurunhanul IT centres in Pyongyang and provinces.

Choe Jin Hyok, president of the company, says, “In the future, too, we’ll work hard to make products of the cutting-edge level and ensure domestic production of all goods so as to make our company beneficial to our people.”