In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea there are many deputies of worker and peasant origin. Among them is a woman worker deputy Ho Myong Gum. Ho Myong Gum is an ordinary worker who received free compulsory education under the warm care of the party and the state.

After graduating from a middle school, she made up her mind to do a lot of things for the grateful motherland and became a trolley bus driver.

While working as driver for more than 30 years, she made strenuous efforts to do things helpful to prosperity of the country even a little.

In those days she got married to an ex-serviceman, a trolley bus driver she had worked with, and became a mother, but never gave up her job.

Pak Ki Yong, Manager of the Ryonmot Trolley Bus Company, says: “Ho Myong Gum kept to her post, firmly believing in the Workers’ Party of Korea during the arduous march and forced march though everything was insufficient and difficult.

In Juche 86(1997) the great Kim Jong Il learned about Ho Myong Gum and her husband who were doing their job with responsibility despite difficulties and said they should work harder as befitting the faithful servants of the people in the future, showing great love and trust in them.”

On July 19, Juche 104(2015) elections to the provincial, city and county people’s assemblies were held in the DPRK.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un came out to the polling booth of sub-constituency No. 102 of constituency No. 107 for the election of deputies to the Pyongyang City People’s Assembly, voted for candidate Ho Myong Gum, driver of the Ryonmot Trolley Bus Company, and met her.

Ho Myong Gum says:

“That day the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, with a bright smile on his face, pressed my hands and kindly told me to work well as befitting a representative of the people. So excited, I shed tears at that time.

I am neither a hero who performed feats for the country nor a scientist who made a great contribution to prosperity and development of the country with gigantic invention. My words fail to express his love and trust shown to me.”

Like this, ordinary people are trained as heroes and deputies of the country under the benevolent bosom of the WPK. The Korean people are devoting their all for the country and enjoying a happy life.