Unique twin skyscraping apartment houses for educators of Kim Il Sung University are found in the Ryonghung crossroads of Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The apartment houses have been furnished with furniture and fixtures.

Those houses for teachers and researchers of Kim Il Sung University are associated with love of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Saying there is nothing to spare for teachers and researchers of the university training scientific personnel to shoulder the future of the country, Kim Jong Un proposed building the apartment houses and gave meticulous guidance to its whole process.

In September Juche 102(2013), he called at the apartment houses for educators nearing completion. He looked with an air of satisfaction at the exterior of the apartment houses decorated with encaustic tiles and hard glasses in a peculiar way and went round a number of flats to learn about their construction in detail. He said the floors had been carpeted with quality materials and the wallpapers’ color and patterns give warm feeling. He called for installing a rack-style bookshelf on the wall of study with desk and hanging a round mirror on the wall of corridor lest the teachers and researchers should feel any inconvenience in their study, preparation for teaching and life at home.

Quite a long time passed but he was reluctant to leave and examined if there are any shortcomings in the operation of the lift and the floor ornament of indoor resting ground. So pleased to provide educators with the cradle of happiness, he said with satisfaction that the apartment houses are a wonderful hotel of educators.

His love for the scientists and educators was also shown on the day of the inaugural ceremony. In October Juche 102(2013) Kim Jong Un came out to the spot again and wished them a happy life, giving them housewarming gifts he prepared and having a picture taken with them who would enter the palatial houses. The apartment houses for educators of Kim Il Sung University are the cradle of happiness given by Kim Jong Un to teachers and researchers of the university.