In the New Year Juche 107(2018), educators in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are devoting all their passion to the preparations for new school year teaching with the consciousness of being masters of the education of the rising generations.

The officials and educators of the Phyongchon District Teachers Refresher Training Institute in the capital city Pyongyang are giving effective short course for new school year teaching on a high level, true to the New Year Address of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Director Kim Song Hui says:

“Our institute is now properly improving qualifications of the teachers in hearty response to the New Year Address of Kim Jong Un. It has finished preparations for a short course for the first-term teaching of the 2018-2019 school year and started short course for teachers and kindergarteners in the district. During the course, we are focusing on further improving qualifications of all teachers in the district through the class on teaching materials according to the grades of primary school and the class on improvement of qualifications and training for kindergarteners and junior and senior middle school teachers.”

The institute practically organized the work for the successful short course divided into preliminary and intensive courses.

They went to schools to take perfect measures for the short course and encouraged teachers of each department to effect innovations in working out teaching plans and making teaching aids according to the demand of the new educational program and creating effective and superior new teaching methods.

As enthusiasm of the teachers is increasing day by day and the preliminary course is successfully coming to an end, the institute is more actively organizing the work for the intensive course.

Especially, it induces the instructors in charge of classes on teaching materials of the 4th and 5th grades of primary school to make full preparations for lectures on the contents of new teaching materials and actively pushes ahead with the work to select exemplary lecturers and let them give lectures.

On the basis of the visual and teaching aids and teaching plans made by instructors and lecturers according to the contents of the short course, the institute is further perfecting them through trial lessons, analysis of merits and demerits and collective discussion.

The institute also pays deep attention to demonstration lectures of each subject.

It makes the demonstration lectures important occasions to simultaneously appraise and further develop the guiding ability of the instructors and teaching administrative officials and practical qualifications of the lecturers.

After full preparations, the short course gets brisker amid the heated competition between lecturers to make preparations for new school year teaching, further improve their practical qualifications and grasp new teaching methods. Kim Song Hui says: “We will give proper short course for new school year teaching so that all teachers in the district can actively apply the heuristics and thus prepare them to discharge their duty in developing ours into a country of education and a talented power.”

The devoted efforts of the officials of the institute to successfully carry out the tasks outlined in the historic New Year Address of Kim Jong Un will lead to high ability of the teachers and excellent scholarly performance of the pupils.