“Tanphung”-line fishing boats are seen coming back to the port with full loads of fish on the East Sea of Korea. A story of love for the people is also woven around the “Tanphung”-line fishing boats which contribute to enriching the diet of people, flying big haul flag.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the August 25 Fishery Station in May Juche 102(2013). An official of the station who met him all of a sudden told him proudly that all the fishermen are very pleased with the excellent new fishing boats they had received.

Hearing him out, Kim Jong Un said he was also pleased as the fishermen liked the fishing boats and called for catching a lot of fish with the excellent fishing boats and supplying fish to the people in all seasons.

At that time the official requested him to name the fishing boats.

After a while of thought, he named the fishing boats “Tanphung”. Tanphung or maple signifies autumn.

The Tanphung named by him carried a deep meaning that they should catch a lot of fish on the sea as bumper harvest in autumn.

“Tanphung”–it was not a mere name of fishing boats, but represented his earnest desire to provide the people with an abundant life and a seed of noble patriotism.

The sea of Korea where the “Tanphung”-line fishing boats catch a lot of fish seems to be in autumn of rich harvest all the year round.