Mt. Kuwol is one of the six famous mountains in Korea. It covers a vast area of over 110 square kilometers, bounded by Anak, Unryul and Samchon counties of South Hwanghae Province.

Its name is derived from its beautiful scenery of September. The mountain is 954 meters high and consists of 99 big and small peaks. It has many waterfalls like Ryongyon and Samhyongje falls and ponds and is abundant in fauna and flora resources with a number of historic relics and remains, including Woljong Temple and the site of a fort.

The mountain is also closely associated with the loving care shown by leader Kim Jong Il for people.

When walking round the mountain on September 23, Juche 86 (1997), he highly appreciated the labor feats performed by soldier builders in building sightseeing-courses for its beauty spots. And he gave precious instructions to better conditions for visitors and build mountaineering courses for physical training of young people.

Thanks to the people-oriented policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Mt. Kuwol was successfully spruced up as a famous beauty.