From olden times it was said that trust produces a loyalist.

The idea of the Workers’ Party of Korea attaching importance to youth and leading them with love and trust has remained unchanged. Under the love and trust, the Korean young people are demonstrating the honour of youth as creators of heroic feats and pioneers of the times in the building of a powerful socialist country.

Here is a song sung by them at the socialist construction sites.

… … … Proud days cannot be told without creation and feats Hot-blooded youth, forward, to the call of the Workers’ Party Let’s shoulder all big burdens of the country and surpass the cutting edge Youth burning with patriotism, forward, following the party

Then, what is the basis of the spirit of their heroic struggle?

In April Juche 104(2015), the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the then Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station under construction.

The construction of the power station was an honourable task given by the great leader Kim Jong Il entirely to the then Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, firmly believing in the young people.

Kim Jong Un said: Looking round the construction site of the power station, I feel confidence. The gigantic project in such a steep mountain in the unimaginable bitter cold can be done only by Korean youth.

The Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station can be boasted of to the world and it is another brilliant creation registered by the youth in the history of the WPK, he stressed.

His love for and trust in the youth enabled them to make a leap forward and finally, the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station was built imposingly.

At the venue of the inaugural ceremony of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station Kim Jong Un made a speech representing his love for and trust in youth.

He said it is a great victory incomparable to obtaining hundreds of thousand or millions of kilowatts of electricity that a large unit of brave warriors strong in organizing ability and discipline and burning their hearts with enthusiasm for revolution and struggle has been trained to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche. As we have the huge army of such young people, our party is strong and our fatherland is demonstrating its pride as the one and only youth power in the world, he added.

That evening he also warmly said to officials that the wealth is not the power station but the heroic fighting spirit of youth displayed in building it.

Like this, Kim Jong Un is training the young people as true ones that know the country and people and devote themselves to them. Thanks to his sincere love and absolute trust, the young people are demonstrating their might as the reliable reserve, scouting party and wing of the party.