The Songdowon International Children’s Camp is on the shore of the picturesque East Sea of Korea.

The camp well-known throughout the world has many stories about the love of the Workers’ Party of Korea for the rising generations.

One of them is the story about the happiness enjoyed by schoolchildren in the northern region of Korea. The northern region of Korea was hit by terrific flood a few years ago.

When a campaign for recovering from the damage was going on with the help of the entire people across the country, the schoolchildren in the region were invited to enjoy camping at the Children’s Camp.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, who was devoting himself day and night to the happiness of the people and to the bright future of the rising generations, took a step for them who had suffered an unexpected natural disaster to enjoy camping. The news of his love was reported across the country, greatly exciting the people.

Because the step represented the love of the kindhearted father who was concerned lest there should be even a speck of shade in the minds of all children on this land.

The schoolchildren arrived at the Songdowon International Children’s Camp amid the congratulations of all people across the country and spent dream-like days there.

They waded and swam in the indoor swimming pool, played football in the playground and showed their cooking skills in the cooking practice room. They spent a pleasant time everywhere in the camp.

They trained their body and mind and gave full play to their talents in various places including the Masik Pass well-known as a ski resort of world standard, the painting exhibition hall and the quiz competition hall.

At the wonderful extracurricular educational facilities, a fascinating aquarium and an aviary evoking unusual emotion, they also further consolidated the knowledge they have learned at school.

Looking at the schoolchildren enjoying themselves without any sorrow and worry though they had suffered great flood damage, people keenly felt the benevolent politics of the WPK and the infinitely noble love of Kim Jong Un for the rising generations. The happy laughter of the children which echoed along the east coast will be louder thanks to the love of the WPK for the rising generations.