The 31st April Spring Friendship Art Festival (ASFAF) is going on here before full houses every day.

There were performances at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre, the Moranbong Theatre, the Ponghwa Art Theatre, the Music Hall of Kim Won Gyun University of Music and the Pyongyang Circus Theater on Friday.

The theatres and music hall were crowded with citizens from all walks of life and youths and students, diplomatic envoys and representatives of international bodies, foreigners staying in the DPRK and overseas compatriots who came to see the performances.

Artistes of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Mongolian Army, a female soloist of the Lao State Art Troupe, a Bulgarian opera singer, artistes of the Volinaya Stepi Cossack Art Troupe of Russia, a Portuguese conductor, a soloist of the Japan-Korea Society for Music and Art Interchange, the Russian State Academic People’s Chorus Named after M. E. Pyatnichki, the Flamenco Band of Spain, the Classical Ballet Group of the State Music Academy Theatre of Belarus, a Polish soloist and those vocalists of various countries who proved successful at the First Pyongyang International Vocal Competition displayed their artistic talents, pleasing the audience greeting the spring holiday.

Artistes of overseas compatriots’ art troupes also put on the stage colorful numbers they prepared with sincerity with the intention to significantly celebrate the auspicious holiday.

Drawing attention were acrobatic and jugglery pieces presented by artistes of Russia, Belarus, Thailand, and Singapore.

Artistes of various countries and overseas Korean artistes significantly decorated the stages with colorful numbers suited to the international art festival, adding to the festive mood ahead of the Day of the Sun.

The performances continue.