Youth and students in the DPRK staged dancing parties across the country Tuesday to celebrate the fifth anniversary of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un‘s assumption of the top posts of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state.

Dancing parties in Pyongyang began amid the playing of song “Cheers of the People” at the plazas of the Monument to Party Founding, the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and other places.

The participants extended the highest glory to Kim Jong Un who has led the party and the state to victory with his distinguished idea and tested leadership, ushering in the greatest heyday of the socialist cause. Songs like “Song of Youth” and “Young People, Be Loyal to Our Party” reflecting enthusiasm of young vanguard revved up the atmosphere of the parties.

Dancing to the tune of songs “Victory Will Be Won Generation after Generation” and “Train to the Front”, they hardened their will to wipe out the heinous enemies seeking to hurt the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership.

Similar dancing parties were also held in provincial seats, cities and counties on the same day.


Provided by: KCNA