There is the International Friendship Botanical House at the Central Botanical Garden in Pyongyang, the DPRK.

Growing at the house are hundreds of species of plants that heads of state, prominent political activists, organizations for the study of the Juche idea, revolutionary people of various countries and overseas Koreans presented to President Kim Il Sung.

Robert G.Mugabe, former president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, presented plants to Kim Il Sung whenever an opportunity presented itself. Among them are Kigeliaafricana, Callistemonviminalis, Agonisflexuosa and other ornamental plants.

A former president of the Republic of Madagascar, a former president of the Syrian Arab Republic and other heads of state and prominent figures of various countries presented to Kim Il Sung rare and beautiful plants like Angraecumsesguipedale, Oleaeuropaea and Fagussilvatica.

People of Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy and other countries in the five continents and overseas Koreans presented Anthurium andraeanum, Rosaalba ‘Celestial’, Rhododendron indicum, Camellia japonica, Picea glehnii and other different species of rare plants to him as gifts.

After visiting the Central Botanical Garden, many foreigners are unanimous in saying that the house is a rare plant exhibition in reverence for the great man and an eternal treasure of humankind.