Many beautiful stories about people devoting their sincerity to others are told in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea forming a large harmonious family.

Similar story has been told at the Pyongyang University of Publication and Printing as well to the pleasure of the people.

Some years ago, a student entered the Faculty of Publication of the university after graduating from the Wonsan Middle School for Orphans.

He was Jong Chol Bom. Entering the university, he had many worries. He feared if he could provide for himself in Pyongyang as there were neither relatives nor acquaintances. But it was a wrong idea.

At the university, too, there were teachers and students taking warm care of him with the parental feelings like his teacher and officials of the middle school.

The teachers of the faculty prepared his room of the hostel and new bedding for him lest he should feel any inconvenience in his life.

Teachers and students invited him to their houses on red-letter days and holidays and a teacher prepared warm padded clothes and fur shoes for him in winter.

When he was eager to visit the middle school for orphans during his first vacation, they prepared many goods and souvenirs for him, moving him to tears.

All teachers and students of the university take warm care of his life, always paying deep attention to him so that he can study without any inconvenience.

Jong Chol Bom, Student of the Faculty of Publication of the Pyongyang University of Publication and Printing, says: “How can I express in a word on the sincerity shown by teachers and fellows of the university to me? I feel thankful to them who show the affection of parents and brothers to me, though I am not their blood relation. I’d like to say proudly that our socialist system is the best in the world, where all people are forming a large harmonious family.”

Warm affection is felt everywhere in socialist Korea as such beautiful deeds of helping and leading each other forward continue to be displayed.