The Sonhung Foodstuff Factory widely known across the country for its quality products is situated in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang. Its considerable efforts exerted to the development of science and technology have contributed to the modernization of the production lines and the development of a wider assortment of delicious and nutritious foodstuffs so as to improve the people’s dietary life.

The establishment of a scientific and predictable integrated manufacturing system and the realization of full automation of the overall production lines at a high level enable it to manufacture foodstuffs as suited to the ever-changing tastes and demands of the people.

Every production process is furnished to ensure hygienic safety of products, and the germ- and dust-free environment is guaranteed by means of advanced analyzing devices, sanitary facilities and ventilation.

Ten production lines including those of carbonated beverages, fried cakes and sweets won ISO 22000. The factory puts great stress on the work of disseminating science and technology among its employees as required by its modernization, and encourages them to develop more products that are appreciated as the best domestic products.

In particular, the fruit-flavoured bread, sweets and biscuits with various flavours are made from such natural raw materials as orange, jujube, grape and apricot seeds which are health-promoting, so they are greatly favoured by the people.

Thanks to the high enthusiasm of the factory staff to develop and produce high-quality foodstuffs in larger amounts, the Sonhung-brand goods are enjoying a growing popularity.

Article: Kim Chung Bok

Photo: Kim Yun Hyok