On the occasion of the anniversary of the demise of President Kim Il Sung (July 8), the yearning for the peerlessly great man, who devoted his all to the happiness of people, grows stronger among the Korean people.

After embarking on the road of revolution in his early years, he regarded the slogan “Go among the people!” as his lifelong creed and always found himself among the people to frankly discuss state and family affairs.

One day in June Juche 49 (1960), he visited the Onchon Tideland in the western coastal area of the DPRK, stepped into the tideland and unfolded a grand plan to turn it into a vast cropland conducive to improving the people’s diet.

For the happiness and wellbeing of people, he did not hesitate to walk into a pit to meet miners or take a ferryboat to visit a farm village.

The number of units he gave field guidance in his lifetime reached more than 20 600.

Indeed, his life was the one of the fatherly leader of people, the one of great devotion for people which abides long in the memory of the Korean people.

Provided by: KCNA