Active efforts are made in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to constantly develop education of the country. Standing in the van are teachers of the Faculty of Physics of Kim Hyong Jik University of Education, a scientific and information centre of the teacher-training universities and one of the educational and scientific research centres.

Ri Jun Ho, Dean of the Faculty of Physics of the University, says:

“The developing reality calls for actively introducing modern educational equipment and new teaching methods to education and thus training talented personnel who can contribute to social development. We are now creating new teaching methods conducive to the educational development of the country.

In the course, we could make educational equipment including the virtual three-dimensional demonstration device and widely introduce them to teaching.”

Recently the faculty has created new teaching methods based on the technologies of virtual reality and augmented reality which can be called the core of modern education and science and educational skills.

When the faculty started this work, there were many problems. It was impossible to hit the high objective and do the huge project with only a few teachers.

The faculty created a model with an able and enterprising teacher of new generation in the field of information science. The new teaching method increased the applicative and practical ability of the students through the combination of the virtual and actual conditions, giving a wide eye to all

The teachers turned out as one with the confidence that they can create a new teaching method based on modern educational technology when they are determined to do.

Amid the increasing emulations between teachers and between departments, the faculty created more than 10 valuable new teaching methods in a few months.

The excellent teaching methods applying the modern education and science and educational skills are now estimated as a valuable achievement which can contribute to improving the quality of education at all universities and primary and secondary educational institutions across the country.

Dean Ri Jun Ho says: “In the future, we will actively generalize our new teaching methods throughout the country on the basis of the achievements we have already made, making a positive contribution to the educational development of the country.”