The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is actively developing Koryo medicine, a traditional medicine of the nation. Medical workers direct great efforts to actively using Koryo medicines for treatment.

Among them is Jang Yong Hui, Section Chief of the Pyongyang Medical College of Kim Il Sung University.

She has devoted all her wisdom and passion to developing Koryo medicines and health foods for the improvement of the people’s health for nearly 40 years.

Tens of years ago a bobbed girl entered the Koryo medicine lab of the Koryo Medicine Faculty of the then Pyongyang University of Medicine after graduating from university. She was Jang Yong Hui in her 20s.

She buckled down to the development of Koryo medicines with a high target to cure obstinate diseases with Koryo medicine, a precious legacy of the nation. Her first target was to research and develop a Koryo medicine for curing convulsive disorders.

Reading classical books on medicine including “Tonguibogam”, she found out one hundred and tens of Koryo medicinal materials efficacious for convulsions and made prescriptions and basic experiments.

She made painstaking efforts, sometimes working in the lab throughout the night.

At last she succeeded in the development of the medicine 10 years after the start of her research.

She started the research again to make the Koryo medicine she developed convenient to use.

The feedback on the success in her first research was great.

Not resting content with it, however, she got to developing another Koryo medicine for treatment of gastric ulcer. Repeating experiments, she travelled about the country in search of Koryo medicinal materials, walking out at night sometimes. It was not once or twice that she lost her way and fell down in unknown mountain.

Overcoming all trials and difficulties with her strong will, she developed again the medicine for gastric ulcer with good effect of treatment.

She always thought of the people’s health before her honour and devoted her sincerity to the development of Koryo medicines needed for the promotion of the people’s health, whether she is recognized or not.

Recently, too, she has developed another Koryo medicine efficacious for diabetes and introduced it to the clinical practice. Jang Yong Hui says:

“In the future I will research and develop a greater number of highly efficacious Koryo medicines, making an active contribution to the promotion of the people’s health.”