The Medical Oxygen Factory is located in the suburbs of Pyongyang easy of access and surrounded by fresh thick foliage.

The outward appearance that goes well with the natural scenery told at a glance that it is a factory producing oxygen for medical use.

All the production processes from the air blow to the storing of oxygen were on a streamlining and computerized basis. It’s good integrated manufacturing system guarantees a centralized control of all the production processes and management such as producing, storing and supplying. The medical oxygen produced in the factory has a purity of over 99.8%, CO content less than 0.01% and moisture content 0.006g/m³ in keeping with the WHO’s hygienic quality standard.

The liquid or gaseous oxygen is filled in respective bombs with an inscription of the name of demanding hospital in the filling stations and stored in the supplying center to supply them on orders. The factory has established a rigorous examination system to ensure the production of qualitative oxygen conforming to the hygienic standard while enhancing the level of technique and skill and the responsibility of the employees.

While inspecting the newly built factory on September 2016, the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said that the start of operation of the factory would give the people great benefit. He said: The factory is a summary of the view-point on the people of the Workers’ Party of Korea that if it is for the people one must bring them the stars in the sky, a spirit of utmost service to the people. Then he gave assignments for the factory and an instruction to build modern production bases of medical oxygen in many places of the country on the basis of the success already achieved.