Eight years ago, a patient with a gastric cancer was rushed into the abdominal surgery department of the teaching hospital of the Pyongyang Medical College of Kim Il Sung University. He was at death’s door. Chief surgeon Rim Sung Il and his staff had an immediate discussion and performed an operation. It was successful. Some people foretold that his life would last only a few years although it was a successful operation. Eight years have passed since then, but he is still healthy and enthusiastic at art creation for the people.dct

The abdominal surgeons have performed successful operations on difficult cases like hepatectomy and pancreoduodenectomy, and saved a large number of patients from the jaws of death. “All my doctors are working hard to make our department into a proficient team that can perform any kind of abdominal operations, a team of international standard,” says Rim.

It happened when they were trying to establish an operating method by total gastrectomy. Half of their patients are those with a gastric cancer. Some of them have various kinds of complications. Considering this situation, the surgeons determine an operating method suitable to the physical characteristics and complications of the patients.

Operation with confidence will always be successful,” says Kim Myong Bok, doctor of the department. All the doctors and nurses say that the confidence does not come of its own accord and that it is based not only on high scientific and technical attainments but on their sincere care for the patients as well.

Though the total gastrectomy was very complicated, the surgeons were courageous enough to introduce it into clinical operation. It was not easy to connect the esophagus to the small intestines. The task of connecting blood vessels had to be approached in a careful, courageous and swift manner.

Rim stood in the van of the difficult work. He polished his skill by repeated drills and worked hard to acquire deep understanding of varieties of physical characteristics. And on the day of discussion, he told his staff about his experience and let them exchange their experience

One of those days a critical case was rushed to the department from a provincial hospital. All the surgeons turned their eyes to Rim nervously. The chief decided to carry out an operation on the patient. The operation room became a concern of the whole hospital as well as the department of abdominal surgery. It took over two hours and was successful. Now the patient was put under intensive care. His life index was normal but the doctors were never relaxed. All the medical staff watched him day and night. Surgeon Kim Jong Hui and nurse Pak Kyong Hwa prepared nutritional foods for him. Thanks to such sincerity, the patient got well and returned to his work after scores of days of treatment.

Rim has carried out operations on dozens of patients with cancer. And his research papers such as Clinical Study on Laparoscopic Common Bile Duct Exploration and Clinical Study on the Laparoscopic Colectomy of Colon Cancer were published on the international gazette of Kim Il Sung University and a foreign scientific and technical journal.

Today they are working energetically for the research on various operations to remove cancer, an incurable disease around the world.

Kim Il Ryong