Jangang Province is well known for sericulture, and the Huichon Silk Mill in the province is leading the way in local economy.

Silk-reeling workshop

Silk-reeling workshop

The mill always ensures a full operation of all facilities despite the harsh economic sanctions by the US and its followers.

In order to economize materials and fuel and improve quality and productivity, it attaches importance to the strict observation of standard regulations in operating machines and good maintenance of them while channelling efforts into automating the production processes and upgrading the facilities.

The introduction of an innovative facility to unravelling cocoons has raised the efficency to over 98%.

An integrated production system has been applied to the cocoon boiling process and more than 20 technical ideas have been translated into practice, cutting the fuel consumption by over 25% and increasing the output of high quality silk threads 1.5 times.

With its annual production plan fulfilled at 130% as of early October, the mill has set a higher goal.

Article: Pak Hun

Photo: An Chol Ryong.