The medical workers of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea concentrate efforts on medical services to implement the popular public health policy of the state.

Among them are medical workers of the Moranbong District People’s Hospital in the capital city Pyongyang.

Director Han Song Guk says:

“The district people’s hospital plays a very important role in the medical services for the promotion of the people’s health. We are directing efforts to strengthening the material and technical foundations of the hospital and enhancing the technical and practical skills of the medical workers to meet the demand of the developing times.” Well aware that the improvement of treating conditions and environment bring successes in medical work, they have refurbished the hospital in line with the public health and medical demand.

It is their belief that the quality of medical services is unthinkable apart from the warm sincerity of the medical workers and their high medical scientific and technical level.

The medical workers of the hospital have always given priority to enhancing their professional level.

Effectively organized technical study and operation of the e-library fuelled the medical workers’ enthusiasm for study and pursuit.

At the same time, the hospital proactively encouraged the medical workers to apply their knowledge to the clinical practice.

They have availed themselves of different occasions to exchange their experiences and pooled their creative wisdom to apply advanced medical science and technology to the treatment.

The hospital has also sent young medical workers to senior hospitals for practice and organized circulatory practice with related departments within the hospital, so that they could steadily improve their clinical qualifications.

Besides, the hospital has invented and introduced medical appliances badly needed in clinical practice.

Many medical workers have presented a number of research papers of significance in medical practice and invented and manufactured different kinds of medical appliances, as the result that the hospital has been estimated as an excellent hospital in the city.

They have recently made not a few successes including introduction of the laparoscope for appendix erasion to the clinical practice and invention and manufacture of more than 10 medical appliances.

Today, too, the medical workers of the hospital are devoting their all to the medical services for the improvement of the people’s health.

Director Han Song Guk says:

“We will, in the future, too, conduct medical service activities in the serve-the-people spirit and thus give full play to the advantages of the socialist public health system.”