The Ryuwon Footwear Factory has directed efforts to developing new products suited to the tastes of the Korean people, the ones symbolic of itself, registering successes.

The key to success lies in constantly strengthening the creative cooperation of the patternmakers and designers in the direction of optimizing the production of goods.

What draws attention is the establishment of the habit of strengthening the study of technology of relevant sectors among the patternmakers and designers. The patternmakers are trying to acquire the knowledge of footwear engineering while the designers are striving to have a deep understanding of the industrial art. This serves as the source that enables them to conceive something fresher and more practical by pooling their creative wisdom and sharing their technologies and experiences. In the course, mutual cooperation gets brisker while methods to maximize the efficiency for investment are actively studied.

The reality of the factory shows that a tangible success can be made in improving the quality of the products and lowering the cost when the pattern and design are combined in an organic way.