Efforts for putting the production of kimchi, a side dish liked by the Korean people, on an industrial and scientific basis get brisk in the DPRK.

As construction of kimchi factories finished in South Hamgyong and Ryanggang provinces this year, modern bases for producing the traditional food of the Korean nation in an industrial way were built in all provinces across the country.

Substantial measures are taken to update equipment and production lines at those factories and increase the production of various processed kimchi liked by the public.

The Sinuiju Kimchi Factory installed different equipment like a vacuum packing machine and newly built hundreds of square meters of a greenhouse, thus vigorously pushing ahead with the work for firmly consolidating the material and technical foundations for production.

The Kanggye Kimchi Factory finished the remodeling of a vegetable washer, while putting efforts into ensuring the hygienic safety of the products, preserving the taste peculiar to kimchi and satisfying the increasing public demand.

The Haeju Kimchi Factory improves the quality of the products by installing more efficient analytical equipment. It also carries on the work for lowering the cost of production.