In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea deputies constituting the power organs of all levels are called “deputies of the people”, because they are faithful servants of the people serving their interests and satisfying their demand in time. Ri Kyong Ju, Manager of the Pyongyang City Educational Equipment and Materials Factory, is a deputy to the Mangyongdae District People’s Assembly, Pyongyang City, who was elected by the residents in the area of Samhung-dong of the district.

He returned home after his military service and was posted to the Pyongyang City Educational Equipment and Materials Factory. He was involved in the system of learning while working and finished his university course before obtaining an engineer’s licence. While working at the factory for nearly 30 years, he has been active as manager through the posts of worker, engineer and staff member and was elected deputy to the District People’s Assembly in Juche 104(2015).

Now he is working hard for the residents of Samhung-dong who nominated and supported him. Though he is always busy with the work of his factory, he frequents people’s neighborhood units, kindergartens and schools in the area of Samhung-dong. That is why he is called “our manager” and “our deputy” in the area. Jong In Baek, Teacher of the Samhung Primary School in Mangyongdae District, says:

“If we need help, we call Manager Ri Kyong Ju first. He has solved all problems arising in our school, regarding them as his family affairs. This made it possible to improve the educational conditions and environment of our school. Besides, he often calls at our school, learns in detail about instruction and edification of the pupils and takes proper measures, so that our school could make many successes.

Thanks to such officials as Manager Ri Kyong Ju devoting himself to the affairs of the school, our school affairs go well and will make a greater progress, I think.”

Manager Ri Kyong Ju is pleased to see the children go to the school while loudly singing songs and the residents in Samhung-dong on their way to work with smile every morning. He thought that a deputy has to make redoubled efforts lest the people should feel any inconveniences in their life.

Manager Ri Kyong Ju says:

“Many years have passed since I was elected deputy to the District People’s Assembly. Deputy has to devote himself to the people with practical efforts.

I will do more work for the residents who elected me deputy.”

Thanks to such deputies of the people, faithful servants of the people, the DPRK is enjoying absolute support and trust of the people.