The demand for e-commerce is growing day after day. As the practical efficiency of commercial service based on computer and mobile communications networks is being proved clearly, the sphere of e-commerce is widening around the world.

The range of commercial introduction increases through the e-commerce website Manmulsang

The range of commercial introduction increases through the e-commerce website Manmulsang

E-commerce in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was started by the Yonphung Business Information Technology Centre. In 2015 the centre launched its e-commerce website Manmulsang. It set a goal of developing the website to make an active contribution to the development of the national economy and improvement of the people’s living standards, and to befit a window for many-sided economic exchange.

For the past six years officials of the centre have made painstaking efforts to attain the goal. This made the centre emerge as a leading e-commerce institution of the country. A lot of businesses in the country have opened their online shops in the centre’s website Manmulsang. Its real-time updating of commodities, database of commodities and profitable economic information service fully satisfy the requirements of different businesses. Now the centre is continuously widening the sphere of promotion such as introduction of specialities and that of technical products.

It also built a “bridge” linking the DPRK with other countries, and started to introduce commodities through the website in January last year.

Meanwhile, the centre is blazing the trail in the field of e-payment, one of the essential components of e-commerce

The technical force of the centre is making a constant effort to develop many-sided exchange, cooperation and collaboration in e-commerce, trade and service work. The expectation for the centre headed by Pak Hyok in his thirties is very high at home and abroad.

Manmulsang website is available for English visitors as well, to get there simply follow this link: Manmulsang-Yonphung Business Information Technology Centre

Article: Yom Song Hui