Spirit of fresh leap forward is pulsating at the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex in the capital of the DPRK.

Upon receiving the historic New Year Address of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, the officials, workers and technicians of the complex have turned out as one on the march of the new year.

The complex set a target to decisively increase electric power production in this significant year and is implementing it in a revolutionary way.

While commanding production at different shifts scrupulously, the heat production workshop is organizing operation of equipment and technology management well so as to maximize their efficiency. The heat controllers are remarkably increasing steam production by ensuring full operation of major generating equipment according to the regulations of standard operation, while finding out defects in the course of equipment operation and repairing and reinforcing them in time.

Other workshops including the turbine workshop are also putting great efforts to the management of facilities, conducting handover and takeover of equipment between shifts and making rounds and inspection according to the rules and thus increasing power production at every generator.

The technicians of the complex are devoting their creative wisdom and passion to ensure normalized operation of generating facilities and raise combustion efficiency and thus making an active contribution to the power production.

It is the unshakable will of the power producers of the complex to successfully implement the militant tasks advanced by Kim Jong Un in his historic New Year Address through a dynamic drive for maximum production this year, too.