A number of people have visited the Sci-Tech Complex, a multifunctional hub of scientific and technological dissemination in the DPRK.

According to Pak Jun Chol, head of an office of the complex, more than 1.6 million people have visited the complex and 15 million people received e-library service for two years since its inauguration.

And at least 10 000 industrial establishments, institutions and cooperative organizations across the country are receiving various services like sci-tech data, technical discussion, achievements and experiences from a nationwide network for scientific and technological dissemination centered on the complex.

In keeping with the requirement of the era of knowledge-based economy, the complex has achieved many successes by waging a campaign of technology and brains for renovating data, technology and equipment.

It has opened a firm prospect for putting the process of the database establishment on unmanned basis by developing database management system and advanced equipment with its own efforts.

It also renovated the functions of the scientific and technological database management program, information service program and business management program and vitalized different kinds of information services, including e-library, tele-education, question-answer and seminar.

It improved the contents and forms of the scientific and technological dissemination and information service.

Now, the complex has propelled the work for linking the sci-tech learning spaces across the country with it through homepage.