• Effecting Innovations in Cement Production

    The Korean people have turned out as one to carry through the tasks put forward by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address. The workers…

  • To Strengthen Material and Technical Foundation of Agriculture

    In August Juche 104(2015) the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the venue of farm machine exhibition with intent to further strengthen the material and technical foundation of agriculture….

  • New Cosmetics Enjoy Popularity

    Goods newly developed by the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory in the DPRK are now gaining popularity. Demand for hair gel, fruit-flavor aerosol perfume and anti-wrinkle cream is on the increase. Toilet…

  • For Normalized Production

    The officials and workers of the Musan Mining Complex, a leading concentrated ore producer of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, are overfulfilling production plan every day with the might…

  • Legal Environment of the Wonsan-Mt Kumgang International Tourist Zone

    The DPRK is paying close concern to providing favourable legal environment in line with the positive development of Wonsan-Mt Kumgang International Tourist Zone and the growing enthusiasm among investors.

  • 12th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair

    The 12th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair opened with due ceremony at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House on Monday. Present at the opening ceremony were Vice-Premier Ri Ryong Nam, Minister of…

  • Brisk of the Railway Transport in Korea

    According to the KCNA and data available, big efforts have been directed to repair of the locomotives, wagons, improving the conditions of freight depots and reducing the turn-round of freight wagons. In…

  • Livestock Increases in Sepho Tableland of DPRK

    The livestock of good strains steadily increases in the Sepho tableland of the DPRK which is turning into a large-sized stockbreeding base. In a few recent years, the number of…

  • Electric-power Production on Increase in DPRK

    According to data available at the Ministry of Electric Power Industry, hydro-power stations across the country have fulfilled their production quotas over 107% on a daily average in the on-going 200-day campaign.

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