The great leader of the Korean people Comrade Kim Jong Il was a great revolutionary who devoted his all to the country and people. One of the proofs is found in the total distance of the on-the-spot guidance he covered in his lifetime with no holidays and fete days for himself.

It amounted to 669 844 km close to 17 rounds of travel around the globe.

True to the responsibility and love for the destiny of the country and people upon his shoulder, he continued his travel to lay a strong political military and economic foundation for the permanent prosperity of the nation.

One day in one February he made a meaningful remark to the officials: Now that I have received the warm congratulations from the army and people on my birthday, I feel heavy in my heart. Being a fighter of the leader and son of the people, I know I have a great deal of work to do. I cannot allow myself a moment’s respite before I carry out the task of making the country strongest in the world and the people lead the happiest and most affluent life in the unified land…. I regard it a great honor, happiness and pride to devote my life to the country, revolution and the people.

He passed away in the train on the way to the people. His devotional travels to the army and people taking no regard of snow, blizzard or unwell brought about the highest elevation of the prestige and national power of Korea and the wonderful turn of people’s dream to a reality.

His devotional travel is invariably continued today by the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.