The Sangwon Cement Complex was established in the mid-1980s in Sangwon County, North Hwanghae Province, which is known to have limestone deposits of several hundred million tons.

It is said that installation of dust arresting equipment accounted for 25 per cent of gross investment in the establishment of the complex. Its employees are very proud of their workplaces, which are free of dust and smoke and thickly covered with trees heavy loaded with fruits and where birds are flying freely in clear sky, thus calling theirs a factory in the park. The complex has placed its production on a Juche and modern basis. From the outset of its operation, the complex has employed in the production the floating calcination method using anthracite, not heavy oil. The fuel for firing kilns is brown coal abundant in the country, and the refractory materials are also manufactured by the introduction of high temperature air combustion technology based on anthracite gasification. The production processes from blending, crushing and storing of raw materials to baking and clinker grinding are automated and remote-controlled at the general control room.

At present the complex is increasing the production by relying on domestic materials and fuel and by its own efforts and technology. The general control room monitors the whole processes of the production ranging from raw materials feeding to forwarding in a rational and scientific way so as to increase the production while saving fuel and electric power as much as possible. Workers and technicians of the baking workshop put the management of kilns on a scientifi c basis to produce quality clinker. Those at the raw materials blending and pulverized coal workshops operate machines at full capacity strictly abiding by technical regulations and standard manuals, thus supplying sufficient amounts of raw and other materials. In the fierce flames of increased production the cement workshop is overfulfi lling its daily quotas. The Sangwon Limestone Mine, Samchong Mine and Hwachon Coal Mine subordinate to the complex ensure prompt supply of raw materials and fuel by increasing the working efficiency of excavators and lorries. The other units taking charge of supplying steel castings and machine accessories to main units tap every potential and all latent reserves to fulfil their responsibility. The complex channels big efforts into introducing advanced continuous process control system, putting business activities on a modern footing and reenergizing the production. Thanks to the employees who are making redoubled efforts in the grand advance of self-reliance to give full play to their mettle and spirit as befi ts the country’s leading cement producer, the production is on steady increase.