October 17, Juche 15 (1926), is recorded as a significant day in the modern history of Korea.

That day, President Kim Il Sung in his teens formed the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU), the root of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and the eternal foundation of the Korean revolution.

Forming the new revolutionary organization, he delivered a historic report “Let Us Overthrow Imperialism”.

In his report, he indicated that as the DIU regards it as its mission to overthrow imperialism both in name and reality, its program should raise it as its immediate task to defeat Japanese imperialism, the sworn enemy of the Korean people and achieve the liberation and independence of Korea and as its ultimate goal to build socialism and communism in Korea and, furthermore, destroy all imperialism and build communism in the world.

The formation of the DIU became the starting point for founding the Juche-type revolutionary party and the program of the DIU served as a basis for the programme of the WPK, and DIU’s principle of independence as the principle of the party building and activities. And the revolutionaries of the rising generation trained by the DIU became the backbone for founding the party.

The WPK has won victories as it has consistently adhered to the ideology of the DIU in each period and at each stage of the developing revolution.

All the lines and policies advanced by the WPK after the liberation of Korea from the Japanese imperialists’ colonial rule (August 15, 1945) have been carried out, displaying their tremendous vitality. Among them are the policy on agrarian reform, the policy of agricultural cooperativization, the basic line of socialist economic construction and the line of simultaneously developing the economic construction and defense capabilities.

Despite many-fold difficulties and trials in the closing years of the last century, the WPK gave full play to its ever-victorious might under the guidance of leader Kim Jong Il.

As it is holding respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in high esteem, the WPK is strengthening into the great party adhering to the line of Songun (military-first) revolution and the powerful and militant party with strong sense of unity and rich experience, true to the ideas and intentions of the preceding leaders.