The Social Science Book Publishing House in the DPRK recently brought out two full-length historical novels “Paktal Nation Rises Again” and “Dream of Konhung” (Vol. 1).

“Paktal Nation Rises Again” deals with the struggle of ruined people of Ancient Korea (early 30th century B.C.-108 B.C.) who strived to rebuild a powerful country of Tangun’s nation, together with their fellow countrymen, the people of Koguryo Kingdom (B.C. 277-A.D. 668).

Through integration of the units of ruined people from Ancient Korea and their struggle in reliance on Koguryo, the book shows the truth that the sovereignty and territory of a nation can be defended only when all its members are united for the great work common to the nation rather than individual interests.

“Dream of Konhung” (Vol. 1) tells about the struggle of Tae In Su, the 10th king of Palhae Kingdom (698-926) which inherited Koguryo Kingdom, and the patriotic people for realizing the dream of national prosperity.

In the period of his rule from 817 to 830, Tae instituted the name of years as “Konhung” (prosperity) and expanded the territory while overcoming a power grab. He strengthened the state machinery and developed the economy, culture, science, technology and diplomacy.

The historical novels were written with reference to Samguksagi (Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms) edited in 1145.