The officials of Kyongsong County have bestirred themselves further to hit their grain production target for this year without fail.

They have made detailed arrangements to improve the growth of their crops. They got concrete firsthand knowledge of them and held the ensuing virtual meeting in which the problem of draining the inundated fields on a priority basis, top-dressing the leaves of the crops, spraying the crops with germicide, etc, plus various related methods were discussed mainly and detailed work assignments were given to individual farms.

At the meeting the special emphasis was placed on ensuring that physical conditions must be afforded to promote the growth of the crops and that satisfactory efforts must be made to the last to increase the output of the crops to the maximum. Consequently, the county hurried to secure liquid nutrients and germicide for its farms so that they could be top-dressed to the leaves of their crops.

In the final analysis, the growth of the crops is improved remarkably in the farms of the county.