In the countryside of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), a new era of Korean-style rural development has been opened up by the great Party Central Committee. As a result, wonderful dwelling houses have been built at farm villages in Yodok, Kowon, and Onchon counties, as well as Hanggu District. These modern, comfortable, and diverse houses with regional peculiarities are a true picture of the Workers’ Party of Korea’s people-first politics and the epitome of Korean-style rural civilization in which the people’s dreams and ideals come true.

The people are excited about living in the new villages and new homes, which have been born of the energetic leadership and warm love of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. He has worked heart and soul to provide all the agricultural workers of the country with an affluent and cultured life. The construction of these new homes is a testament to the Party’s commitment to providing the people with the best possible living conditions.

Recently, ceremonies were held to celebrate the moving of agricultural workers into their new homes. Officials from Party and power organs in South Hamgyong Province and Nampho City, builders, officials of the units that contributed to the construction projects, and agricultural workers were all present. During the ceremonies, congratulatory speeches were made, and licenses for the use of the houses were handed to the owners. Speeches were also given, with speakers shouting hurrah for the Workers’ Party and the programme for rural revolution in the new era.

The speakers praised the dreamlike reality of these new houses, built under the special care of the state and offered to ordinary agricultural workers free of charge. They emphasized that this legendary story can be heard only under the Korean-style socialist system centered on the popular masses. The agricultural workers vowed to repay the great love shown by the motherly Party, which puts forward the agricultural workers as enjoyers of socialist civilization, with loyalty. They also vowed to become patriotic farmers and peasant heroes in the great era of Kim Jong Un by reaping a bumper harvest.

As the ceremonies drew to a close, there were merry dances and housewarmings, and officials congratulated the new owners, sharing in their happiness. These housewarmings are just one example of the DPRK’s commitment to improving the lives of its people, particularly those in rural areas who work hard to provide for their families and communities and the country. It is a testament to the Workers’ Party of Korea’s people-first politics and the Party’s commitment to building a strong and prosperous nation.