A new COVID-19 variant virus which is five times stronger than delta virus appeared in the world, arousing serious concerns.

To cope with the rapid spread of the new variant worldwide the central emergency epidemic prevention unit is putting all efforts to thoroughly ensuring the perfect state emergency epidemic prevention system by putting officials and working people on a high alert and making them steadily maintain the voluntary uniformity in action and dedication.

Officials keep giving further momentum to the mass epidemic prevention campaign to take measures against any porosity and faults that may lead to the inroads of the dangerous and fatal virus to their fields and units.

With the epidemic prevention work becoming prolonged and with new variant viruses of stronger infectivity and spreading power emerging one after another, ideological education and health information service are being conducted through mass media to arouse awareness about epidemic crisis among people and make them observe epidemic rules and orders.

The public health field, with the approach of winter season, makes sure the people take care of their health in a responsible way, and takes measures to find out patients with chronic diseases and treat them.

Institutions, industrial establishments and farms make all people adopt it as part of their life and habit to measure temperature, disinfect their hands, wear masks and voluntarily take part in disinfecting buildings, facilities, utensils and tools, etc.

In public places, the epidemic prevention rules including distancing are strictly observed.

All inhabitants have accepted it as an essential demand to prevent emergence and spread of various kinds of infectious diseases by keeping streets, villages and houses clean and boiling water to drink.