Three-revolution team members of Ryanggang Province provide a scientific and technological guarantee for carrying out tasks for the first year of five-year plan.

Three-revolution team members at the Hyesan Youth Mine and Wiyon Woodwork Factory contributed to consolidating the production base by fully introducing technical innovations in creative cooperation with field engineers and workers.

At Chongbong Combined Foodstuff Factory, Taehongdan Potato-processing Factory and Hyesan Footwear Factory, the three-revolution team members made valuable technical innovations contributing to increase of the productive capacity and output of consumer goods.

In the process they achieved hundreds of valuable successes in their technical innovations to strengthen the scientific and technical force and the foundation of improving the people’s living standard of the province.

The three-revolution team members of the province are carrying out the tasks laid down in the letter sent to participants in the Fifth Conference of Frontrunners in Three Revolutions by the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.