Koguryo is the first feudal state of Korea which existed between 277 B.C. and A.D. 668.

Researcher Hwang Kum Sok at the History Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences says:

“Ko Ju Mong built Koguryo. He laid his political foundation and on its basis, abolished slavery and established a feudal state in 277 B.C. In praise of his merits left in history people later called him sage King Tongmyong or King Tongmyong in the meaning that he is a king of virtue who lit up the East.”

At that time Koguryo was one of the most developed countries in the East and left world-famous advanced culture in history. Koguryo was a feudal centralistic state, where the king took the highest position and enforced well-organized feudal ruling system and strict law. Martial spirit was prevalent all over the country during the Koguryo Dynasty. Koguryo people attached importance to military affairs and martial arts and regarded it as their duty to train martial arts. In Koguryo spear, dagger, sword and other weapons were developed and even the horses were armoured and cavalryman riding on such horse was called warrior on armoured horse.

In the first half of the 6th century Koguryo became a powerful feudal state with large territory.

The powerful political and military strength of Koguryo was based on the economic power of the country.

Agriculture and handicraft were the first considerations in the economy of Koguryo, which were combined with the raising of domestic animals and hunting. With the development of agriculture and handicraft, home commerce and foreign trade could be developed long ago.

Koguryo people actively developed science and technology and culture. The development of astronomy and meteorology during the Koguryo Dynasty can be proved by an astronomical chart with a picture of constellation carved on a stone between the late 5th century and the early 6th century. Wonderful metalworks such as the “sun perforated-patterned gold and copper decoration” show high metal workmanship at that time.

Koguryo tombs with mural paintings including the Mausoleum of King Kogukwon registered as a world’s cultural heritage also show the developed science and technology and cultural level of Koguryo.

Koguryo made a rapid progress in different fields including politics, economy, military affairs and culture, writing a clear page in history as a 1,000-year powerful country in the East.