Yaksandongdae is one of the well-known scenic spots in Korea. It is on the shore of the Kuryong River flowing through Nyongbyon County of North Phyongan Province.

Yaksandongdae consists of the Jeil Peak, Tongdae, Hakbyoru and other beauty spots.

As the mountain abounds in medicinal herbs and offers mineral water, it was named Yaksan or Medicine Mountain. And Tongdae means mountain in the east. Yaksandongdae presents a beautiful scenery for the queer-looking peaks and rocks, dense forest, all kinds of flowers blooming every season and historic remains. It is beautiful particularly in spring when it is covered with light pink azaleas. Thick foliage in summer, crimson foliage in autumn and snow scene in winter make the mountain more fantastic. The Jeil Peak, 488 metres above the sea level, is a good observatory as it is the highest on the mountain. Tongdae contiguous to the Jeil Peak has a lot of rarely grey and clean rocks, of which the Kobuk or Turtle Rock evokes admiration of people. Standing on the northern tip of Yaksandongdae is Hakbyoru with mysterious rocks and cliffs.

Yaksandongdae is more beautiful as it has historic remains including the Chonju Temple, Ryuksung Pavilion, Chorong Castle site, Puksugu or North Gate site and South Gate which are associated with the creative wisdom and distinguished talents of the ancestors. Today the scenic spot Yaksandongdae serves as a cultural recreation resort frequented by people.