Balmy spring has come to the capital city Pyongyang called one of the eight famous scenes of Korea from olden times.

Lawns get green and tress with their branches high up to the sky come to life, giving fresh feelings. The streets have been decorated with white apricot blossoms, light pink azaleas and yellow wild lily.

Moran Hill, a pride of Pyongyang, resembles a flower garden. It is very beautiful in good harmony with the Choesung Pavilion, the Ulmil Pavilion, the Chilsong Gate and other historic remains. Superb is the spring scene of the Ulmil Pavilion, one of the eight famous scenes of Pyongyang, in particular. The River Taedong meandering through Moran Hill is more quiet for the full-blown flowers and the Rungna Islet looks like a picture with the May Day Stadium resembling a magnolia, the Rungna Dolphinarium which seems to be a sea dolphin on an island, the Rungna Funfair, the Rungna 4D Simulation Cinema and so on.

Beautiful is the scenery of the nature with all kinds of flowers in full bloom. But Pyongyang is more beautiful thanks to the monumental creations, apartment houses and the bases for cultural and emotional life standing in good harmony.