Here is a note of Doctor and Associate Professor Jong Il Chol, Section Chief of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

“I have an unusual nickname, that is, modern-version ‘Hong Kil Dong’.

Many people do not know my name, but know modern-version ‘Hong Kil Dong’. I am really fond of the nickname, which was given by the great leader Kim Jong Il.

One day in September Juche 99(2010) the great Kim Jong Il visited a factory on the northern border where I was working for introduction of integrated automation system.

I was in the integrated control room, when Kim Jong Il came in and raised his hand.

As there were several people in the room, accompanying officials also could not know whom he was so pleased to see.

When a leading official of the factory introduced me to him, he said with pleasure that he met me again whom he had met at the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm in June last. And he called me  modern-version ‘Hong Kil Dong’ and laughed a hearty laugh.

I felt a lump in my throat, recalling the day when I had met him and had a picture taken with him for the first time three months before.

Since then, he should have given field guidance to many units and met many people, but he was still remembering me he had met once for a while.

It seemed that I was dreaming.

That day Kim Jong Il let me stand among the officials who had the honour of having a picture taken with him at the remodeled work site. And after going round the supply service establishments of the factory, he also posed for a photograph, when he felt very sorry, saying unexpectedly that ‘Hong Kil Dong’ from Kim Chaek University of Technology was not seen.

From olden times, ‘Hong Kil Dong’ was known among Koreans as a pronoun of a man who is swift and brave and does a great job with resources everywhere he goes.

Modern-version ‘Hong Kil Dong’ represented the great trust and expectation of Kim Jong Il who wanted our scientists to find themselves at all sectors of the building of a socialist power and  surpass advanced science and technology like Hong Kil Dong in the legend.

Recalling the days I met him, I feel my heart warming up, picturing to myself the benevolent image of  Kim Jong Il who trusted and praised our scientists.

Over the past six years, my research section has successfully modernized many objects including the establishment of the automation system of the acrylic acid synthesizing process according to the conditions of our country. In those days I was awarded the title of Labour Hero.

How nice it would be if I can inform Kim Jong Il of those happy news!

As the years go by, I am more eager to see him.

I will keep the name of ‘Hong Kil Dong’ given by the great leader Kim Jong Il as a priceless title forever and do my duty as a scientist in opening the shortcut to the development of the independent economy in the van”.