The warm love of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un for the coming generations is a rich ideological and mental pabulum for the new generations.

The day in March Juche 106(2017) Kim Jong Un visited the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School was the significant tree-planting day when the great leader Kim Il Sung kindled the first torch of tree-planting campaign.

That day, Kim Jong Un said the students of the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School who are training themselves as successors to and backbones of the revolution should stand in the van of the tree-planting campaign as well. He warmly said:

Patriotism is not an abstract conception but a noble spirit of valuing even a tree of the country and devoting perspiration and sincerity to cultivating it.

When the trees they plant and cultivate grow inch by inch, their patriotism will also grow. When they have ardent love for the country from childhood, they can become true patriots, true officials desired by the party, who do work of their own choice for prosperity of the country at the posts assigned by the party in the future.

That day, Kim Jong Un taught the students one by one in plain words how to plant trees according to the scientific and technical requirements and planted tree for a long time, digging the pit, giving water and tamping earth.

He checked the planted trees one after another and said with great pleasure: You have planted trees well. When you grow up and visit the school, you will remember today, looking at the thick-grown trees.

It represented his lofty outlook on the rising generations and future to implant true patriotism in the rising generations and train them into pillars of the country firmly carrying on the revolution from generation to generation.

Kim Jong Un shows boundless loving care to the students of the school as their father. Under his warm loving care, the bereaved children of revolutionary martyrs are staunchly growing into reliable backbones of the Juche revolution.

Today, the school youth and children across the country are growing into genuine masters who would carry on the Korean revolution and into reliable successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche.