In April last year Ryomyong Street made its magnificent appearance in Pyongyang as a street of affection for the people.

There are schools, kindergartens, nurseries, hospitals, cinemas and other commercial and public welfare service facilities in the street, thus fully accommodating the convenience of the residents. The Shopping Mall laid out on the corridor-type ground floors linking the imposing 70-storey and 55-storey apartment buildings is a conspicuous feature of the street.

This four-storey mall consists of shops, restaurants, pharmacy, children’s playing area, IT exchange company and other service facilities so as to readily provide people with what they need in living.

When evening comes, the mall teems with people.

Above all, women are very fond of the shops, as they can buy fresh fish and vegetables on their way back from work.

Seen in the restaurants are families having dinner in pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and in the children’s playing area the elderly people have a good time seeing their grandchildren on fun and frolic.

Ma Jong Su, lecturer at Kim Il Sung University, who lives in the 70-storey apartment building says:

“It is very convenient to have commercial and welfare service facilities in the vicinity, and I like spending pleasant time with my grandchildren in the playing area. It seems the Shopping Mall is a garden of happiness in my home.”

Ryomyong Street embodying the principle of prioritizing people’s convenience and aesthetic beauty is overflowing with happiness of the people.

Article: Kang Su Jong

Photo: Hong Kwang Nam